Welcome to Class 14OP

The class teacher is Mrs Owen-Philips.

Happy New Year! Welcome to the spring term. I hope you and your family had a restful Christmas break.

This term is full of exciting opportunities, with the Eistefodd to prepare for, visits to St.Davids High School, workshops with Shelter Cyrmu and parents evening.

This term the children will be looking at Journeys. These won’t be your traditional look at journeys, as we fill be focusing on the journeys of the homeless, refugees and explorers. We hope the children will not only learn a great deal about these three types of journeys but that we all become more informed about how we can both empathise with and help those less fortunate than ourselves. We are excited as a team to enable the children to lead us through this topic. I look forward to seeing you throughout the term.


This term we will be gaining a further understanding of the place value, the number system and other areas such as volume, fractions and time. We will continue to embed and reinforce our use of the mastery approach to maths. As well as learning through the use of bar models. We are keen for the children to be competent problem solvers so children will often be faced with worded mathematical problems, tasked to identify what information they need to use, apply their chosen method or strategy to the problem, and finally how to present their answer.

The children will also have the opportunity to take part in Active Maths lessons, as part of our Maths of the day initiative.


We will be looking at a variety of features this term. We hope to be able to allow the children to form ideas of what types of writing will support the answering of the Big Questions. The children will also focus on improving their reading and oracy skills through reading a variety of texts and presenting information to their peers.


Following the draft release of the new curriculum more traditional types of homework won’t be set by the class teacher. We will trial a period of time where we encourage activities at home that further develop your relationship with your child; such as nature walks, shape hunts, working with money and keeping fit. We are always happy to suggest ideas and activities that you can do with your child, so don’t be afraid to ask.


P.E takes place every week so please could you ensure your child has a full P.E kit with them in school.

Library session

We have a weekly library visit so please return your books to school each week.

Class 14 Gallery – for more pictures join your child’s Seesaw.