Welcome to Class 16S - Croeso i dosbarth 16S

Miss Sturdy

We are amazing, creative children who have a love of learning.

Miss Sturdy is our teacher, she is positive, hardworking and cheerful.

We always get a warm welcome from Miss Sturdy.


In the Autumn term we explored Space through the book ‘Cosmic’. Techniquest came to our school and we went inside a Space Dome to learn about our Solar System. In art we focussed on Peter Thorpe and his abstract space rockets. In Maths we gained a deeper understanding of place value. We also shared our work with our parents in a sharing assembly.


In the Spring term we have been focussing on the book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’. We have used our History skills as well as Literacy Skills to learn lots about Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid.

During the Spring term, we won the Year 5 and 6 Eisteddfod and Amber and Aaron even went to the final in St. David’s High School!
We also visited St. David’s High School to learn more about Science, we built vehicles and tested them down a ramp, we also extracted DNA from strawberries.


This term we will be focussing on the book ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker. The topic will be mainly Geography based. Each class will learn about a different country that is in the World Cup, make a display about their country in the style of the book ‘Window’, and share their findings with other classes.

In Maths we will be gaining a further understanding of the four mathematical operations through fractions. We will continue to embed and reinforce our use of the CPA approach to maths (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) as well as learning through the use of bar models. We are keen to be competent problem solvers. In Maths lessons, we use lots of different maths equipment, this makes learning more fun and easier!
Pupil Voice: Our fabulous teacher Miss Sturdy, gives us a lot of Pupil Voice, we share our ideas and imagination which is then planned for in future lessons to make learning fun and relevant. ‘I think that Pupil Voice is really important because it allows children to have a choice’ Morgan.

Successful Futures, Curriculum for Life:

As we are starting to prepare for the ‘Successful Futures’ new curriculum in 2022, last term we were given a voice, making suggestions on how to improve teaching and learning within the school.

From our suggestions we have decided this term that some lessons will be taught for longer periods of time, not just for an hour a week. We have already had a Music week and R.E. week which we have really enjoyed.

Important Dates

  • 16th May until Friday 18th May - We are really excited to go to Glan LLyn on our residential trip.
  • 22nd May 2018 - We will be performing ‘Tribute to Mandela’ in the Flintshire Schools in Performance in Theatr Clwyd.
  • June 15th – Sports Day
  • June 22nd – Reserve date for Sports Day
  • July 20th - End of Term

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