Welcome to Class 18

Miss Hughes

We are a creative, hardworking class who like to make learning fun.

Miss Hughes is our class teacher, she encourages us to try our best and listens to our ideas. We have been doing lots of exciting things year and we were very lucky to take part in a Creative Schools Project with a storyteller! We have enjoyed listening to stories, writing stories of our own and making film trailers for stories that we have written.

We have also loved exploring our topics of Space and South Africa throughout the autumn and spring term.

Proud of Our Achievements

We are very proud of the achievements of members of our class, we have lots of different skills and talents. Some of the children in our class even represented the school in a Maths competition this year, winning a Maths day for the whole school, da iawn! We also really enjoyed our school trip to Cardiff and had a visit from Techniquest, experiencing Space through a Planetarium.

Objectives for the year:

  • To create a safe and nurturing environment where our class feel confident in learning and expressing themselves
  • To challenge ourselves and try our best with our work
  • To develop our creativity and use this to enhance learning
  • To share our ideas, listen to one another and be respectful
  • To prepare ourselves for High School

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