Welcome to Class 21A

Mr Anderton

We are a creative and enthusiastic class, who like to make learning unique, exciting and enjoyable.

Mr Anderton is our class teacher and we would describe him as positive, calm and persistent. He encourages us to be confident in ourselves and to be the best that we can be.

All the Year 5 and 6 classes work closely together to ensure your child receives the best possible learning experiences. We follow a two year cycle of planning with a wonderful, exciting range of topics and activities. We place a lot of importance on developing children's thinking skills and their ability to improve their own work, whilst giving them the basic skills from which they can begin to fully reach their potential.

Below is a brief outline of the topics we cover in Year 5 and 6. We would love it if you could talk to your child about their topic and find out more about what they've been learning.

About Our Avtivities

Spring Term


This term our topic is ‘Journeys’.  Rather than looking at traditional types of journeys such as journeys to school, we will be looking at significant journeys that people make in life, such as explorers, refugees and the homeless. The topic will be supported by a range of non-fiction and fiction books. Our main picture books will be Shackleton’s Journey, The Day War Came and Way Home.


This term we will be covering a range of mathematical skills including: conversion, mean and percentages. We will also being using Maths throughout other areas of the curriculum each week.


We will be looking at a variety of features this term. The children will be encouraged to form ideas of what types of writing will support the answering of their Big Questions. The children will also focus on improving their reading and oracy skills through reading a variety of texts and presenting information to their peers.


This term we will be learning about energy, light and sound.


P.E takes place every Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full P.E kit with them in school.  P.E. kits need to be left in school every day and can be taken home at the end of a half term.


Within PPA sessions this term, the children will have opportunities to enrich their curriculum with a variety of activities.  This will include:

  • Sports with various sports coaches
  • Swimming
  • Singing with Vocalize
  • Modern Foreign Languages – French
  • A community project
  • Welsh