Welcome to Class 3E

Mrs. Elliott

Welcome to Reception Class 3
Taught by Mrs. Elliott, supported in class by Mrs Bentley; and in our outdoor areas by Mr Jenkins, Mrs Rees, Miss Allen, Mrs Catherall, Miss Nicklin and Mrs Parkinson.

In Class 3 we enjoy learning through play in our indoor and outdoor area.


This term we are focusing on settling the children back into school and into new routines. We will be setting rules for the classroom and our new outdoor areas. We will be making new friendships and learning to work and play together.

We will be reading The Big Blue Train and completing activities based around the story. We will be making connections to the story and retelling the story in the small world area. We will be counting trains and characters in the train, consolidating counting to and beyond 10 and backwards. We will be making trains using 2D shapes, learning and consolidating the names of the shapes.

We will be introducing the Good to be Green whole school behaviour policy, where all children start the day on a green card and will keep their green card if they remember the rules. Children will understand that they will receive a warning if they are breaking any of the rules, and if they continue, they will be given a yellow card. If they then correct their behaviour, they can turn their card back to green, however, if they continue to break the rules they will be given a red card and will be taken to see Mr Probert.

We will also be introducing our Golden Ticket activities. These are activities which the children can choose to do independently in the classroom or outdoor areas, to extend or consolidate skills we have taught, or to develop problem solving skills. Children who earn the most golden tickets will receive a certificate at the end of the week.


Please label your child’s snack with their name and put it in a in separate container to their lunch. Please only send one item of healthy food for snack. The children are also offered milk at snack time if they would like it.

Please can we ask that children only bring their lunch box and book bag to school, no large rucksacks as these do not fit in the trays for storage during the day.

All classes will get the chance to go to forest school for half termly blocks. Your class teacher will let you know when it will be your child’s class turn.