Welcome to Class 5

Mr. Roberts

We are a Year 1 class consisting of 20 children. We all enjoy school and our favourite things to do are Maths, Singing and P.E. Our teacher is called Mr. Roberts and he enjoys Football and reading.

Here are some of the things we will be studying this term:


Writing different types of poetry concentrating on alliteration and rhyme, from Sea Shanties to Limericks


We use Inspire Maths in our class and we are studying Multiplication.
We are also going to be looking at simple division.
Finally we will be looking at numbers up to 100. Adding them and subtracting them using the re-grouping method and the whole – part - part method. Then we will finish off with a unit on Time.


We will be looking at the Pirate code and morals. We will also be trying to understand different cultures.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
This term we will be examining maps and directions. We will be making maps in school and using them in our work.

Digital Learning

We will be using simple algorithms to program a robot on screen and in real life. We will be writing our own programs and following those of others. We might even have a go at debugging some programs if we can.

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