Croeso i Dobarth Chwech

Mrs Smallwood

Croeso i Dobarth Chwech a welcome to Class Six. In Dosbarth Chwech Mrs Smallwood is the class teacher and Mrs Ellson is the learning support. In Dosbath Chwech we are really hardworking, kind and always trying to be the very best that we can be. We do whatever we can to make our learning creative and fun, and make sure we are happy and ready to learn.

The children have access to a balance of focus activities and free choice time in provisions. During free choice we challenge ourselves to build upon our learning against success criteria’s and in provisions we undertake independent chilli challenges to consolidate our learning and skills. We enjoy learning both in the class and in the indoor and outdoor provisions.

Our main learning objectives are:

  • To develop of understanding our phonics sounds to help use decode for reading and segment for spelling.
  • We read every day so that we are the very best readers we can be.
  • We learn how to write in full sentences and how we can chose words for effect. We make our writing clear with beautiful letter formation, finger spaces, different sentence starters and punctuation. We re-read our writing to make sure it makes sense and edit it to correct any little mistakes.
  • We work hard to build the foundations for our basic maths skills, and to make sure we have good mathematical understanding so we can build upon it as we move up through the school.
  • We use Welsh around provisions and we read and write in Welsh too.
  • We investigate and explore to find out new things and find answers to our questions.
  • We refine our drawing skills and experiment with making and building new things.
  • We play games fairly and take turns in PE and in provisions.

Our topic this term is Journeys with our skills centred upon the book Journey by Aaron Becker. We had an exciting immersion day to launch our new topic where we travelled as a class around six different countries around the world to learn about their geography, cultures and customs. We then helped decide how we could learn all about and what things we would like to do in class and provisions.

How you can help us at home

  • Read us a bedtime story every night.
  • Read our reading book with us as much as you can. Make it fun, take it in turns, read to me, listen to me, ask me questions, read in silly voices etc.
  • Ask me questions about numbers in the car, at bed time, at the table etc.
  • Encourage me to be creative and ask questions. Ask me what I think the answer to my questions could be to clarify my thinking.

Important dates

Friday 27th April – Trip to the Church to find out about Christenings and Baptism.
Monday 14th May – Trip to Manchester Airport
Tuesday 22nd May – Performance of Moana in Theatre Clwyd.