Welcome to Class 9

Miss A Smith, Miss E Hunt

Class 9S is a Year 2 class and we are the oldest learners in the foundation phase.

We try to be the role models for the rest of Year 1 and 2 to follow, especially when we are working in the enhanced and continuous provision areas.

Every fortnight we have 6 chilli challenges to attempt in the provision areas, so we get the chance to practise our skills ready to move to juniors next term.

About Class 9

Our Class 9 targets are to be a good role model, to solve problems by talking about them, to work quietly and independently for at least 20 minutes, to always present our work neatly, to use word mats and dictionaries to help us spell and to always be on task in the provision areas.

Each term we use a book to inspire us and plan our learning. This term's text is called Journey, by Aaron Becker. We are learning about places around the world, as well as using our imagination to create worlds for our own stories. We use pupil voice to help the teachers' plan the tasks we complete in the provision areas.


Class 9 Gallery