Classes at Broughton


We have 23 classes at Broughton from Nursery to Year 6. Our teachers work closely together to ensure our pupils receive the best possible learning experiences and build on knowledge and skills from previous classes.

Ask your child's teacher for a Seesaw invite to keep up to date on classroom learning and news.

Nursery - Mrs Derbyshire & Mrs Parsons

Reception - Miss Hatton, Miss Kendrick and Miss Evans

Year 1 - Mrs Smallwood, Miss Billington and Mrs Taylor-Branson

Year 2 - Mrs Warner-Hunter, Mrs Owen-Phillips and Miss Jones

Year 3 - Mr Williams, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Williams

Year 4 -  Mr Davies, Miss Gardner and Mrs Davies

Year 5 - Mr Collins, Mrs James- Baker and Miss Wright

Year 6 - Miss Hughes, Mr Probert and Mr Anderton