Welcome to the Nursery Class

Nursery Class

Here at Broughton Primary we offer both morning and afternoon nursery groups with each session lasting 2.5 hours,

Children are invited to attend five sessions a week but we understand that during the initial transition and settling in period children may attend fewer sessions.

Our Aim in Nursery Class

We aim to ensure a smooth transition from pre-school / home  into Nursery and ensure that children visit us a number of times prior to beginning in September.

We aim to run as an open plan unit as much as the building allows, with a team of experienced staff who are modelling and interacting with the children constantly.

There  is a structured routine to the session and children become confident in the knowledge of what is happening and when.   Children are choosing independently as they learn through play, and can spend as little or as much time on any activity.  We offer both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities throughout the session. Children have the opportunity to develop skills in line with The Foundation Phase Curriculum, with an intense  focus  on speaking and listening, personal care and social development.

Our priority is that children are happy and enjoying learning through play, we follow children’s interests and allow the children to have a voice in what they do. The children are confident in their surroundings and  feel safe and secure when approaching  staff for help.  Positive and caring Pupil/staff relationships  are vita,l the more at ease the children feel  the greater the response and engagement.

Where possible we begin preparing the children and getting them familiar with our  whole school approaches to learning: Kagan Co-operative Learning, Reading Power and Numicon.

The children quickly embrace our positive  Behaviour policy, they take ownership of our rules by reinforcing them to others and sharing their reward sticker at home time.

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